ILSD Courses


Introduction 1 day 

6-hours lectures, adressed dental personnel including hands-on and wavelength workshop with various systems.




Laser Safety course 1 day
According to European regulations, laser safety regulations must be attached to all workplaces where Class 4 lasers are used. In dentistry it includes all laser types except Low Level Lasers. In addition to the necessary safety knowledge the course offer a good pre-understanding for the more specific wavelength workshop courses.



Wavelength course 1 day

Our one-day clinical workshop on a specific wavelength gain participants an official certificat from The Institute for Laser supported Dentistry. Depending on the tissue to be treated, there are specific types of lasers for optimal use in the diverse fields of application. 'Each wavelength-specific workshop gives you scientific based knowledge on possible treatments using the appropriate laser. 




Basic course 3 days

Our students most requested course is the 3 day course designed to give the participants a basic knowledge for a safe and successful start / continuation of their professional work in laser-supported dentistry. This is only possible with sufficient knowledge for best informed choices in each treatment situation and by hands-on training. We prefer working with smaller groups. Wavelength workshop courses are tailored as much as possible to suit the needs of the participants and not least the specific wavelength of the laser they are using/planning to use. 




Introduction to Laser Dentistry 1 day

Introduction course without workshop can be implemented for larger groups. In these lectures we are able to accommodate larger groups (10-100 participants). Contact us for more info>>








Diode laser for dentists- hygienists 1 day

1 day diodlasercourse with basic lasersafety, indications and workshop.Contact us for more info>> or see the course dates>>






Continuation Course

1-day course for dentists who have passed the Basic Course and want to up-date/up-grade their skills and train with professional guidance. A workshop day designed to the need of the participants. Contact us for more info>>










Mastership program AALZ

Advanced studies are offered by our 1-year Mastership Courses (a total of 10 days course attendance). The training takes place in ILSD's premises in Åkersberga with final exames at Aachen University. More info >>


Master of Science AALZ

You also have the opportunity to undergo specialist training for the Master of Science in "Lasers in Dentistry", which also entitle you the EMDOLA-title: European Master Degree Oral Laser Applications. The training takes place over 2 years at the Aachen University (42 days course attendance).

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