Master Programs

Mastership program

One-year clinical specialization course for selected wavelengths


A Mastership course or program is internationally also named as Fellowship program. In this Mastership program at ILSD/AALZ the participants will get a high quality education but limited to the main wavelengths in dentistry. 


Mastership-program module I. December 2011.


This offer is geared towards dentists who would like to specialize in certain wavelengths. The official course language is English.

During the course of one year, participants are taught fundamental physical and technical knowledge and how to recognize primary, secondary, and tertiary indications on twelve attendance days split into three separate sections: 5 + 5 + 2 days.

The dentist can participate besides his/her daily practice.


The following wavelengths are taught:

  • Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG Lasers
  • Diode Lasers: 810-980 nm 

Prof Norbert Gutknecht in ILSD premises


The program is divided into 4 modules


Module I, ILSD Sweden Åkersberga

Laser physics and laser safety (Laser Safety Officer certification)

Laser structure, function and handling : hands-on training of laser/tissue

interaction. Biophysical background (absorption and transmission in special kinds of tissue)


Module II, ILSD Sweden Åkersberga

Erbiums lasers: Theoretical background, clinical indications, skill training and demo treatments

Clinical importance for e.g. cariology, periodontics, soft-  and hard-tissue surgery, implantology, prosthetics. 


Module III, ILSD Sweden Åkersberga

Diode lasers: Theoretical background, clinical indications, skill training and demo treatment. Clinical importance for e.g. periodontics, implantology, endodontics and soft-tissue


Communication and application of suitable indication


Module IV, AALZ Aachen University, Germany

Written examination

Presentation of five clinical treatment cases


The participants will present 5 clinical cases in the last module according to scientific case presentations and defend them. After successful completion of the course, the participants will get a University-Certificate from the RWTH Aachen University Hospital in joint co-operation with the ILSD Sweden identifying them as a ”Lasers in Dentistry” specialists.

The participants will get 20 ECTS credits according to the European regulation.


Detailed Information of content in Mastership Course


First Mastership Course group 2009 at ILSD, Scandinavia


Course Director

Prof. Dr Norbert Gutknecht

AALZ, RWTH Aachen University, Germany



Prof. Dr. N. Gutknecht

Dr. René Franzen

Dr. Peter Fahlstedt 

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Master of Science

Master of Science in ”Lasers in Dentistry”/
European Master Degree Oral Laser Application (EMDOLA) 

This two year education is avaliable at AALZ, Achen University.

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