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ILSD Sweden AB is an independent institute, educating dentists in laser supported dentistry


Offering Laser Safety Officer courses in Dermatology 


Lecturer at the white board

3.5 - 4 hours

A course with the most basic and necessary, for example for those of you with a clinic where you only work with simpler treatments.

The course gives you sufficient information, knowledge and tools for good safety control and to build up routines for your particular equipment.

Based on SSM and the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulations.

Course diplomas are issued.

LSO HUD book.png
Workshop laser dentistry

7-8 hours

A complete review for deeper understanding of what differentiates different lasers and IPL.

Clinics that undergo a full day receive help to build up safety routines according to SSM and the Swedish Work Environment Agency's regulations and recommendations.

After completing the full-day course, it is possible to take a written knowledge test to obtain a diploma issued by ILSD Sweden.

Suitable for workplaces that are in need of an LSO, Laser Safety Officer.

Course diploma is issued andLSO diploma after agreement and completed test.

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